The Madeleine Brand Show for February 2, 2012

Investigation of elementary school teacher's alleged lewd acts continues

Miramonte Elementary

José Martinez/OnCentral

Two former students of Mark Berndt, the teacher accused of lewd conduct in his classroom at Miramonte Elementary School, said school officials were informed about his odd behavior 20 years ago.

L.A. school officials are trying to understand how a teacher could have engaged in acts of bizarre, lewd conduct with students for years without raising suspicion.

61-year-old Mark Berndt remains jailed on $23 million bail. Parents at the Miramonte Elementary school want answers on how he was able to engage in acts of abuse over a period of at least seven years.

Two former students told the Los Angeles Times they reported strange behavior by the teacher two decades ago.


Vanessa Romo is an education reporter at KPCC.

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