The Madeleine Brand Show for February 2, 2012

Miramonte Elementary
L.A. school officials are trying to understand how a teacher could have engaged in acts of bizarre, lewd conduct with students for years without raising suspicion.
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Facebook's IPO status may mean new money for CA

The company may earn $5 billion. For investors, it's a chance to own one of the most successful companies of the last decade. For California, Facebook's home base, the IPO could mean an influx of new money.
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John Moe joins us to talk about the future of Facebook, Barnes and Noble announcing it will no longer carry any Amazon published titles in their stores, and researchers at Sandia National Laboratories developing a laser-guided bullet.
August Foreclosures Rise To Highest Since Level Beginning Of Housing Crisis

New mortgage plan suggests state bank punishment

Mortgage rates are at record lows this morning. Meanwhile, a settlement plan goes after banks who've engaged in mortgage abuses.
The Sklar brothers, Randy and Jason, join us for their weekly look at the world of sports. This week's highlights include Blake Griffin's dunk heard around the world, the trials and tribulations of Tim Tebow, and the Super Bowl.
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