The Madeleine Brand Show for February 6, 2012

Violence in Syria intensifies, US closes Embassy

The Obama administration closed the US Embassy in Damascus on Monday and recalled all American diplomats from Syria. The Atlantic's Steve Clemons explains.
Teacher Classroom Bondage

The challenges of prosecuting child sex abuse cases

Child abuse cases usually lack physical evidence and rely on the testimony of young children.
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Homeowner energy wars

A new energy reduction strategy is catching on with some of the states' biggest utilities. The California Report's Krissy Clark has more.

Mitt Romney's robot problem

Mitt Romney is perceived as very presidential – a family man with business credentials, but many voters and pundits have found him difficult to relate to. Writer Brian Fung figures out why.
Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show

Slacklining steals the show at Super Bowl halftime

The sport of slacklining got a huge boost in interest after its Super Bowl halftime show debut.
Parrots in South Pasadena

Parrots flock to South Pasadena preschool

Thousands of wild parrots swoop through the San Gabriel Valley. They've found a favorite perch at a preschool in South Pasadena, raising concerns in the community.
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New study: What keeps married couples together

Madeleine Brand talks with two relationship experts about a UCLA marriage study that looks at commitment.
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