The Madeleine Brand Show for February 7, 2012

The Hatchet Job Award: An honor for literary critics, a not-so-honor for authors

Hatchet Job of the Year

The Omnivore

The Hatchet Job of the Year honors book reviewers that aren't afraid to be bold, witty and sometimes mean.

There's nothing like a good review of a bad book. Done well, these scathing reviews can be their own form of entertainment. That's the idea behind a new contest called "The Hatchet Job Award."

It honors the nastiest, funniest, most engaging literary critiques of the year, and aims to raise the profile of professional critics. The contest is put on by the London-based website The Omnivore. Fleur MacDonald, an Omnivore editor, stops by the show to discuss the award.

You can read the nominated reviews at the Hatchet Job website. The winner of the first ever Hatchet Job of the Year Award will be announced later today at their website and will receive a year's supply of potted shrimp.

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