The Madeleine Brand Show for February 9, 2012

Sklarbros on sports: The Super Bowl of dog shows and a Tim Tebow law

Westminster Kennel Club Previews Some Of The Breeds Competing In Annual Show

Mario Tama/Getty Images

David Frei, Westminister Kennel Club director of communications, stands with Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound who won Best in Show in 2011.

The Sklars, Randy and Jason, join us for their weekly look at the world of sports.

The Super Bowl of dogs - the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - kicks off next week. Plus, the Tebow connection to a homeschooling debate. And a public service announcement: Do not drive a Zamboni over the ice while intoxicated.

Randy and Jason Sklar, twin brothers who host comedic sports podcast "Sklarbro Country," join Madeleine every Thursday.

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