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Comedy Writer Lew Schneider shares his tips for Valentine's Day

Flower Sellers Prepare For Valentine's Day

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Flowers prepared for dispatch are pictured at wholeseller Bloomways warehouse five days before Valentines Day on Feb. 9, 2012 in Straelen, Germany. How will you be impressing a loved one?

Comedy Writer Lew Schneider shares some tips for success on Valentine’s Day - or at least, some ideas for how to prevent disaster. He’s been married for 25 years. To the same woman.

Young people in love can often feel compelled to go big with their gifts, but after two decades of marriage, Lew has some sage advice: "ease up." The logic is simple; if you start with the spectacular, then your beloved will expect the next gift to up the ante even further, setting you up for disaster. And as Lew cheekily confides, what started as a nice pair of earrings has been hard to replicate – "for years I've been disappointing her."

Of course, mining the cliche "it's the thought that counts" shouldn't be ruled out completely. Lew confides that his wife still smiles when she see his poorly wrapped gifts – "she sees me sweating." And you can always "draw her a picture." Flowers and dinner are never a bad bet either – "I mean, come in with something!"


Lew Schneider is an Emmy award-winning writer whose work includes "Everybody Loves Raymond," "American Dad!" and the "New Adventures of Old Christine." He’s also an oddity in Hollywood.

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