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Sklarbros on sports: Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and the most Lin-teresting man in the world

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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The couch Jeremy Lin may be sleeping on, snapped by a teammate.

The Sklars, Randy and Jason, join us for their weekly look at the world of sports.

Lin-sanity — aka love for Knicks basketball player Jeremy Lin — continues to sweep through the NBA. He hit a game-winning 3-pointer on Va-Lin-tine's Day. There's the "Linsane in the Membrane" Cypress Hill Tribute. And final-Lin-y, Jeremy gets to move off his brother's couch into his own apartment. We'll stop there.

Tiger Woods collapsed at the end of Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament and finished in second place. It would have been Woods' first win in more than two years.

Lance Armstrong came in second in his first professional triathlon, but apparently refused to shake hands with winner Bevan Docherty when the race ended. He did, however, come back to congratulate Docherty later.

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