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Tech news: A look at Apple's upcoming operating system and Facebook's name verification

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In this photo illustration the social networking site Facebook is displayed on a laptop screen.

It's Thursday and that means one thing- it's time for a conversation with John Moe from the Marketplace Tech Report.

Developers are getting an early version of Apple's new operating system Mountain Lion. It's an upgrade from the current operating system. Mountain Lion will rely heavily on iCloud, Apple's cloud computing system. It's due to be available for consumers this summer.

And Facebook is following Twitter's lead - it's rolling out a new name verification system. Facebook will begin contacting celebrities and other users with a large number of followers and ask them to prove their identity. This will help Facebook users like you sort the real George Clooney's from the fake. Enjoy.


John Moe hosts Marketplace's Tech Report. He lives in Minnesota.

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