The Madeleine Brand Show for February 22, 2012

Republican Candidates Debate In Tampa, Florida

Republican primary battle heads to Arizona

Dan Nowicki talks with Madeleine about the upcoming Arizona debate and GOP Primary.
Despite Injunction Blocking AZ Immigration Law, Protests Continue

Immigration activists demands Arpaio ouster

Devin Browne, reporter for KJZZ in Phoeniz, joins the show to discuss immigration activist and Arpaio opponent, Randy Parraz.
A military aide holds up the Medal of Ho

"Stolen Valor Act" heads to the Supreme Court

The Stolen Valor Act heads to the Supreme Court today.
LA City Councilmember Tony Cardenas on truancy

Los Angeles re-examines truancy policy in schools

Later today, the LA City Council will consider changing the way it handles students who skip school.
Jackson Blankenship
Luke Burbank, host of the podcast 'Too Beautiful to Live,' joins Madeleine for his regular analysis of the "Awesome/Not Awesome" news items of the the week.
KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze talks with Madeleine Brand about Democrats Brad Sherman and Howard Berman battle for the 30th congressional district of California.
Sen. Schumer Speaks To The Media On Super PACs

Super PACs benefit the electoral process?

Bradley A. Smith, author of the article "Super PACs level the playing field," joins the show to discuss how Super PACs could benefit the electoral process.
Comedian and Emmy-award winning writer Lew Schneider talks with Madeleine about Jake, Lew's favorite and youngest child, dealing with Celiac disease at the age of 15.
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