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Single life is changing and growing

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Eric Klinenberg is releasing “Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone."

The population of single adults is growing. Today, more than 50 percent of adults in the US are single compared with just 22 percent in 1950. NYU sociology professor Eric Klinenberg has written a new book called “Going Solo,” which explores the increasing phenomenon of adults living alone. He describes the change as a huge demographic shift.

Klinenberg finds that contrary to conventional wisdom, many singletons do not feel isolated or lonely at all. In fact they spend more time socializing with friends than those who are married. Klinenberg calls this change in the way humans are organizing a bold “social experiment.”

Guest: Eric Klinenberg is a sociology professor at New York University and the author of the new book "Going Solo."

Read an excerpt of Klinenberg's book below:

Going Solo Chapter 1

From GOING SOLO, by Eric Klinenberg. Published by arrangement with The Penguin Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc. Copyright (c) Eric Klinenberg, 2012.

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