The Madeleine Brand Show for February 28, 2012

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One year after the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan, new details have emerged highlighting the severity of the nuclear emergency at Fukushima that followed.
California Budget
Governor Brown's new budget expects capital gains taxes will fill budget holes, but now there's a big question about some of the Governor's projections.
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New book examines the health effects of yoga

Yoga poses real physical risks and cannot be our only form of exercise, says science writer William Broad, in his new book "The Science of Yoga."
Vancouver, BC Scenics
Despite conservation efforts to protect sea otters, the species is still in danger. Last year, 335 dead or injured sea otters were found off the California coast, a record number.
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Former television comedy writer for "The Jeffersons" and creator of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," Andy Borowitz, joins the show to discuss his new career on Twitter.
Dirty Three's Toward the Low Sun
Music critic Drew Tewksbury reviews new releases from Australians Dirty Three and electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani.
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