The Madeleine Brand Show for March 2, 2012

Investor William Browder on Russian corruption and the elections

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US President Barack Obama and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meet near Moscow. Putin is running again for president in elections to be held Sunday.

Russia will hold its presidential election this Sunday. Despite massive protests in Moscow, Putin said he is confident of his victory. If elected, Putin would serve 12 years as president, making him the longest-standing Russian leader since Josef Stalin.

William Browder, of Hermitage Capital, invested heavily in Russia until he encountered what he characterizes as massive state corruption. He has since led a campaign against corruption in Russia.

Browder has been banned from Russia since 2005 and relocated his company to London. His associates in Russia have been intimidated and jailed. Sergei Magnitsky, Browder's lawyer, died in prison and Browder has been working to discover the truth about his death. He is campaigning to have those involved in Magnitsky's death banned from visiting the West.

Browder joins the show to discuss corruption in Russia, including alleged fraud against his company.

Guest: William Browder, whose Hermitage Capital was once one of Russia's largest investors. Formerly an American, he is now a UK citizen.

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