The Madeleine Brand Show for March 2, 2012

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Obama seeks to derail Israeli strikes against Iran

Policy scholar Aaron David Miller joins the show to discuss what we can expect in terms of the nuclear brinksmanship between Iran and Israel.
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Russian corruption rampant says investor William Browder

Russia will hold presidential elections this Sunday. Hermitage Capital CEO William Browder invested heavily in Russia until encountering what he characterizes as massive state corruption.

Famous tightrope artist Philippe Petit tells of lessons learned on the wire

Madeleine Brand talks to Philippe Petit, the famous tightrope walker, about his career. He's in Long Beach, Calif. this week giving a TED talk.
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LAUSD considers changing its controversial homework policy

Critics of current homework regimens are gaining increasing traction, and parents airing their grievances at a series of forums held around the district.
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The death penalty may be up for a vote this fall

A campaign called SAFE is fighting the death penalty and working to put it on the November ballot. The campaign focuses on the high cost of the death penalty.
Party Pants

Party pants, can you still pull them off?

Sound engineer Gordon Henderson joins the show to discuss his "Party Pants," those lingering bottoms he just refuses to throw away.
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Suggestions to make your weekend phenomenal

Weekend Alibi is back with suggestions ranging from a quirky conference on the Queen Mary to whale watching to stuffing yourself with L.A.'s best food.
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Dinner Party Download duo help you dazzle your guests

Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano of The Dinner Party Download are back to provide smart and witty conversation fodder for your weekend dinner parties.
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