The Madeleine Brand Show for March 7, 2012

Mitt Romney Holds Super Tuesday Primary Night Event In Boston

Breaking down Super Tuesday's results

GOP's Super Tuesday primaries wrapped up last night across 10 states — with Mitt Romney carrying the day's biggest prize, Ohio, by a slim margin.
The Mob Museum Opens In Las Vegas

Mob history revealed in new museum

Jude Joffe-Block of Fronteras reports on a new museum in Las Vegas which tackles the history of something near and dear to the city's own roots: The Mob.
"A Bad Idea I'm About To Do" by Chris Gethard

Comedian Chris Gethard talks about his childhood

Comedian Chris Gethard joins the show. He has a new memoir called, "A Bad Idea I'm About to Do," chronicling his childhood in New Jersey.
Mother with home born child

Home births attracting more followers

Reporter Eve Troeh reports on the increasing popularity of home birth and the influence the practice is having on the medical profession.
Obama Meets With Israeli PM Netanyahu At White House

Iran: The next big presidential campaign issue?

David Sanger, political correspondent for the New York Times, joins the show to discuss the most recent developments in Iran's nuclear enrichment program.
Allen DeBevois

One media company says 'Bite Me' to YouTube

The Google-owned site spent $100 million last fall to transition into the world of hiqh-quality entertainment.
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