The Madeleine Brand Show for March 13, 2012

LAUSD plans to announce new budget cuts and layoffs

There's a highly anticipated board meeting this afternoon, where Superintendent John Deasy is expected to outline his budget cuts and layoffs.
School health centers 2
Many schools are still getting money to boost health services, with the funding coming from the federal health care law.
A group of recommendation letters
As part of Part of Parenting on the Edge, Smith College's Dean of Admissions Deb Shaver talks to Madeleine Brand about the practice of allowing parents to write recommendations for applicants. Half of the applications for Smith College's newest incoming class came with recommendations written by parents.
Neurotic Parent's book cover
Author J.D. Rothman talks with Madeline about her new book, "The Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions: Strategies for Helicoptering, Hot-housing & Micromanaging."
Offshore Windpark In Baltic Sea

Marine spatial planning gaining ground

Pat Krug, marine biologist and professor at Cal State LA, explains a new study about marine spatial planning and its impact on California.
Illegal Medicine
A new task force & bilingual awareness campaign aim to discourage patients form visiting unlicensed doctors, particularly in immigrant communities. The initiative comes after a Las Vegas woman died from illegal cosmetic surgery. From the Fronteras project, Jude Joffe-Block reports.

New Music Tuesday: Theo Bleckmann and Lucero

Music critic Ann Powers reviews Theo Bleckmann and Lucero who are releasing albums today.
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