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Tech Update with John Moe: Google to change its search algorithm and Apple releases its new iPad

Colin Angle, American robot venture
Colin Angle, American robot venture "iRobot" chief executive demonstrates a vacuum cleaner robot "Roomba" at a press conference in Tokyo.

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John Moe, host of the Marketplace Tech Report, joins the show to talk about the latest news in the technology world.

Moe talks with Madeleine Brand about how Google is changing its search algorithm to analyze not just the words you type, but the ideas behind them. Plus, they talk about the new iPad's reviews and how the iRobot Scooba 390 might be the better buy. Con: You can't browse the Internet on it. Pro: It will clean your floors for you.


John Moe, host of Marketplace's Tech Report, which you can hear every weekday on KPCC at 7 p.m.