The Madeleine Brand Show for March 15, 2012

Pacific Rim Diaries: Roland Kelts on Japan's recovery and rebuilding efforts

Japan 5

Roland Kelts

A famous anime character urges locals to be strong on a local 'shotengai,' or Japanese shopping street.


Roland Kelts

Minato Shogakkou, or Minato Elementary School, used as a shelter in the aftermath of last year's Japanese tsunami.

Japan 2

Roland Kelts

The interior of Minato Shogakkou, highlighting damage from the tsunami.

Japan 3

Roland Kelts

Broken glass inside of Minato Shogakkou, used as a shelter after last year's Japanese tsunami.

Japan 4

Roland Kelts

Filmmaker Stu Levy, who accompanied Roland Kelts. Levy was in Tokyo when the earthquake occurred.

Japan Prepares To Mark One Year Anniversary Of Earthquake And Tsunami

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Debris and non recyclable home items lay strewn over the ground where houses and factories once stood on March 8 in Kesennuma, Japan. The fishing industry in North Eastern Japan's Tohoku area has suffered greatly after last year's tsunami.

This time last year, we were just beginning to understand the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And for the people who live in the hardest-hit regions, the effort to reclaim their lives continues.

Author Roland Kelts spends most of his time in Japan, and he's been observing the changes since the tsunami.


Roland Kelts, author of "JapanAmerica," a book about how U.S. pop culture has been influenced by the Japanese.

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