The Madeleine Brand Show for March 16, 2012

NY Mets vs. Madoff goes to trial next week

Mercer 257

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Financier Bernie Madoff.

Bernie Madoff remains in prison, but the fallout from his massive Ponzi scheme continues. At a trial in New York next week, the owners of the NY Mets will be battling to keep hundreds of millions of dollars that they earned from Madoff's accounts.

The man representing Madoff's victims says that money should be returned. At stake - whether or not the Mets' owners knew of Madoff's gigantic conspiracy.

Diana Henriques, financial reporter and Madoff expert, will join the show to talk to Madeleine Brand about the trial.


Diana Henriques is a financial reporter and the author a book about the Madoff scandal, 'The Wizard of Lies.'

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