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California budget cuts lengthen process for foster care

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Lucias Bouge (19), from Long Beach was formerly in the foster care system. Corey Bridwell/KPCC

Over the last three years LA's Superior Court system has seen its budget chopped by $650 million, but the extent of cuts has not been deeply felt thanks in part to the use of reserve funds.

But that’s about to change. Earlier this month, the court announced the layoff of 300 employees and the closure of 50 courtrooms. The cuts will result in longer wait times for cases to get resolved.

And in Dependency Court - where the fate of children in foster care is decided - that means longer periods of separation for children and their parents.

Jennifer London of KCET's SoCal Connected joins the show to discuss the future impact of the continued budget cuts on foster care.


Jennifer London is a reporter for SoCal Connected.

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