The Madeleine Brand Show for March 19, 2012

robert bales

Soldier accused of Afghan massacre may face death penalty

Eugene Fidell of Yale Law School joins the show to discuss the legal proceedings against soldier Robert Bales, who is accused of last week's Afghan massacre.
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Health care chief's vision brings change, challenge

The California Report's Sarah Varney reports on the Los Angeles County public hospital system, one of the most beleaguered in the nation.
Apple Ipad

Apple to share dividends with shareholders

Adam Lashinsky of Fortune Magazine joins the show to discuss Apple's high profile decision to share dividends with shareholders.
Workers unload a Tsunami Buoy

Tsunami early detection system in danger

Obama's 2013 budget plan may cut crucial funding to California's tsunami warning system.

Graffiti-fighting cop also known as "the violin man"

San Bernardino's Sgt. Dwight Waldo has made his mission ending graffiti in the city, but he also finds time to wander the streets, violin in hand.

Supreme Court to rule on life in prison for juveniles

This week the Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding the constitutionality of sentencing juveniles to life in prison.
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Trayvon Martin's death draws suspicion and public outcry

9-1-1 tapes released in the shooting of Travyon Martin raise questions about whether shooter George Zimmerman acted in self-defense when he shot Martin.
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