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New book details the life of a man who lives without money

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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"The Man Who Quit Money," is a new book that follows the life of Daniel Suelo.

Many of us have found out in the last few years what it's like to live with a lot less money. For most of us living with less is involuntary and, sometimes, painful. But for Daniel Suelo - it's the only way he would have it.

Twelve years ago, he pulled his life savings out of his pocket - $30 dollars - and left it in a phone booth. Since then, he has lived on no money. Suelo's life story is the subject of a new book by Mark Sundeen called, “The Man Who Quit Money.”


Mark Sundeen is author of the book "The Man Who Quit Money."

Daniel Suelo gave up money more than a decade ago. He lives most of the time in a cave near Moab, Utah.

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