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Video game company BioWare caves to fan pressure for new Mass Effect 3 ending

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Screenshot of the video game Mass Effect 3 by BioWare. The company recently bowed to fan pressure to create a new ending for the game.

The company BioWare is a major player in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry and has created some of the most popular titles on the market, including the award-winning Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect 3, released earlier this month, earned high praise from critics. But fans were so upset with the story's conclusion that they petitioned BioWare for a new ending. And surprisingly, the company agreed to the change.

Veteran video game developer Seamus Blackley explains why BioWare bowed to fan pressure and what the decision could mean for the future of the entertainment industry.


Seamus Blackley is founder of the mobile gaming company "Innovative Leisure" and co-creator of the X-Box.

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