The Madeleine Brand Show for March 26, 2012

Behind the success of "The Hunger Games" series

Teen Fans Of The Hunger Games Wait In Line For Actor's Appearance

Mario Tama/Getty Images

"The Hunger Games" trilogy has been wildly successful among teens. The movie version debuted this weekend.

Apparently all "The Hunger Games" hype paid off at the box office. Fans turned out in droves to see the post-apocalyptic drama where teens fight for their lives. The movie made $155 million at the domestic box office during opening weekend.

Of course, before for "The Hunger Games" was a Hollywood hit it was a best-selling book.

Laura Miller wrote about the rise of this series for She says there is a giant marketing machine that propels teen books to success. For "The Hunger Games" it started before the book was even in print.

Miller joins the show to tell Madeleine Brand more about the back story.

Guest: Laura Miller, staff writer at, has written
a behind the scenes look at "The Hunger Games" phenomenon.

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