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Sci-fi flick "John Carter" bombs at the box office

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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L-R: James Purefoy, Domonic West, Taylor Kitsch and Mark Strong attend the UK premiere of John Carter. Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

While Lions Gate Entertainment's stock has risen 75 percent with the success of "The Hunger Games," which made $155 million this weekend, Disney has not been so fortunate.

The company lost $200 million on its sci-fi film "John Carter," about a former Civil War military captain transported to Mars to battle 12-foot tall barbarians. The movie stars Taylor Kitsch and is full of scenes of planetary battles involving large beasts. It's directed by Andrew Stanton of "Finding Nemo" and "Wall E" fame.

The movie had audiences confused and has so far only grossed $62 million. It reportedly cost $350 million to make and market. This figure includes a failed $100 million marketing campaign.

Guest: John Horn, an entertainment write for the L.A. Times, joins the show to discuss the massive cinematic blunder.

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