The Madeleine Brand Show for April 2, 2012

The hunt for chocolate, just in time for Easter

c/o flickr user LexnGer

It's chocolate bunny season, but chocolate supplies may not meet demand in the future.

Chocolate is to Easter what red roses are to Valentine's Day: a commercial cornucopia.

At this time of year, chocolate eggs and bunny ears begin to take over supermarkets and corner stores alike. But global supplies are running low as demand skyrockets; a 25-percent demand is expected by the end of the decade.

Chocolate suppliers are scrambling and struggling to meet the demand.

Reporter Leslie Josephs recently traveled to the heart of the Amazon to cover the quest to save the world's chocolate.

She shares her discoveries, including the hunt for the perfect cocoa plant, which could be the antidote to dwindling supplies.

Guest: Wall Street Journal reporter Leslie Josephs discusses her recent story,
A Race to Satisfy World's Hunger for Chocolate.

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