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Oakland-based medical marijuana facility raided by federal agents

Voters In Oakland Approve Tax On Medical Marijuana

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Federal agents raided Oaksterdam University, a medical marijuana dispensary and training facility.

Exterior Oaksterdam

David Downs

The exterior of Oaksterdam University as the DEA shuts it down.

Oaksterdam raid

David Downs

Federal DEA agents finish raiding Oaksterdam gift shop.

Oaksterdam DEA

David Downs

DEA agents in the Oaksterdam parking lot.

Oaksterdam Gift Shop

David Downs

Blue Sky Coffeshop and gift shop is also raided.

Oaksterdam Entrance

David Downs

The entrance to Oaksterdam University as the DEA shuts it down.

Federal agents raided Oaksterdam University on Monday. The school is an Oakland-based medical marijuana dispensary and training center that was opened in 2007 by Richard Lee, a leading pot advocate who has been instrumental in pushing for the legalization of marijuana in California.

Residents in the area gathered in protest around the center while DEA agents seized items from Lee's dispensary, gift shop, and coffee shop. Many medical marijuana advocates were surprised and angered by the raid. President Obama has stated that medical marijuana users who comply with state laws would not be prosecuted, but the federal government has been moving aggressively over the last several months to shut down medical marijuana operations across the state.

Journalist David Downs joins the show with host David Wright to discuss what the raid could mean for medical marijuana in the state. Audio clips used in the segment were provided by Downs.


David Downs, freelance journalist.

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