The Madeleine Brand Show for April 4, 2012

After Romney's wins, GOP looks toward VP candidates

Mitt Romney is three steps closer to the Republican presidential nomination after wins in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin. Mark McKinnon, former advisor to George W. Bush, talks with host David Wright about who might be his VP pick.
Mercer 20917

Yahoo's new CEO slashes jobs

The private sector is gaining jobs, but web company Yahoo announced today it's cutting 2,000 employees. Tech reporter Kara Swisher joins the show with more.
Commuters Take To The Road And Rail In The Annual Christmas Getaway

Allegiant Air begins charging passengers for carry-on bags

Low-cost airline Allegiant Air is starting to charge passengers for bringing carry-on bags on board. The Cranky Flier's Brett Snyder talks with host David Wright about whether or not this will become a trend in the industry.
Supreme Court Considers Constitutionality Of Health Care Law

Green Party says no to Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is staunchly opposed by a number of groups on the political right: Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Partiers. But there's opposition on the Left, too. The California Report's Sarah Varney reports.
Chinese Year Of the Rooster Approaches

Luke Burbank looks at the week's Awesome and Not Awesome news

Luke Burbank joins the show to talk about dyeing baby chicks neon green and an 18-tequila-shot drinking contest.
Sheriff Lee Baca and Men's Central

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca: An intellectual under fire

Maybe the most powerful elected official in SoCal, Baca remembers his childhood and discusses his work as others reflect on the highly scrutinized intellectual's continuing legacy.
Still from Titanic

Will the release of Titanic 3D mean more 3D remakes?

Cameron set a trend for studios to stake their future on big-budget blockbuster hits after Titanic's success, will Titanic 3D mean a new wave of 3D remakes?
Birdseye View Pub. Co.'s birdseye map of Los Angeles, California in 1909.

Celebrating L.A's birthday with a new anthem

This week marks the 152nd anniversary of the founding of Los Angeles. One woman writes a new song to honor it. KPCC's Steven Cuevas reports.
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