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Spending a day as a billionaire

Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2005 - Day 2

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Kevin Roose spent a day as a billionaire, being driven in a Rolls Royce throughout Manhattan.

Kevin Roose lives in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY, and like most young Americans, he buys his clothes on sale, takes the subway whenever possible, and rarely eats at fancy restaurants. But for one day, all his financial problems disappeared. Roose became a billionaire.

Roose didn't win the lottery. He didn't find out he was secretly related to Warren Buffett. And he didn't dig up buried treasure.

Instead, Roose spent a day pretending he was an "ultra-high net worth individual." And he wrote about the experience for the New York Times' financial news site, Deal Book. The idea behind Roose's project was to better understand what it really feels like to have an virtually unlimited supply of money.


Kevin Roose, financial reporter for Deal Book at the New York Times.

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