The Madeleine Brand Show for April 9, 2012

Budget official issues dire warning over city finances

Los Angeles City Hall

Omar Omar/Flickr CC

A view of City Hall in downtown Los Angeles, California.

In a recent report, Los Angeles Chief Administrative Officer Miguel Santana warned that the city is headed for a $200 million shortfall next year. And without significant changes to city spending, he projects worsening financial instability to come.

"We are facing the complete devastation of city services, including public safety," Santana said.

To ameliorate the shortfall, Santana has recommended tax increases, staff layoffs, and even the privatization of key public services, such as emergency ambulance transport.

Kate Linthicum, who has been covering the story for the L.A. Times, joins the show to discuss the city's financial woes and Mayor Villaraigosa's upcoming budget proposal.


Kate Linthicum is a reporter for the L.A. Times.

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