The Madeleine Brand Show for April 11, 2012

Romney turns his eyes towards the White House

President Barack Obama and GOP hopeful Mitt Romney


Presumptive presidential nominees, Pres. Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Bring on the general election campaign. With key challenger Rick Santorum out of the race, Mitt Romney can now focus on unseating President Obama.

During the GOP primary race, Santorum called Romney a liar, the ultimate flip-flopper, "the worst Republican in the country," and someone who doesn't have a core.

If Santorum does end up endorsing Romney, does he walk back from those statements?

This morning, Romney told Fox News he thinks the Republican party will come together to defeat the current president. And both the Romney and Obama campaigns have stepped up courting independent voters.

Political pundits expect the Presidential election to come down to a few battleground states, like Colorado, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.


Glenn Thrush, reports on the White house for Politico.

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