The Madeleine Brand Show for April 16, 2012

Dow Drops Sharply On Job Creation Report

Economic hard times felt around the world

Recent reports from the U.S., Europe and China paint a dismal picture for economic growth. Roben Farzad of Bloomberg Businessweek joins the show.
Mammoth Lakes

Will Mammoth Lakes go bankrupt?

Mayor Jo Bacon joins the show to discuss the financial difficulties facing the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
President Obama Speaks At The Port Of Tampa

Secret Service accused of hiring prostitutes in Colombia

President Obama is back in Washington today after a two-day summit in Colombia, a gathering of Western leaders that focused mostly on trade policies. But the summit was nearly overshadowed by allegations of misconduct by the president's Secret Service team.

New York literary agent Bill Clegg talks of recovery and addiction

Two years ago, Bill Clegg's memoir "Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man" shocked the New York media world. Now he's written a new book, "Ninety Days," about his recovery.
Screenshot of YouTube

Entrepreneurs find success in movie studios' YouTube dilemma

L.A. based startup, MOVIECLIPS, sees the value in helping movie studios get licensed content on YouTube.

Why inanimate objects are scarier than ghosts

Five horror films starring inanimate objects that have the power to truly frighten us.
Night Market

Night market takes over Pasadena

Organizers of the first ever 626 Night Market event in Pasadena were expecting a crowd of 2,000, but turnout was more than three times that amount.
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