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Hillary Clinton's surge in internet popularity

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the founders of Courtesy of TextsFromHillary

From cold as ice to just plain cool.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is enjoying a surge in popularity lately. First, it was "Texts from Hillary" — an internet meme that imagined hilarious text exchanges with celebrities and politicians.

Now, photos of Clinton letting loose during a night out in Cartagena, Colombia, have gone viral, leading to her christening as the "Secretary of Cool."

"Like all of us, if you stop trying so hard sometimes things come to you. In the presidential campaign she was again the best student in the class," said Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson, who is also a former White House correspondent for Time. "She's coming to the end of her tenure there, or so she says, and she just seems to have let go of her anxiety and her unwillingness to make a mistake. If you're willing to make a mistake it's how you become human."

With this newfound popularity, could Hillary 2016 bumper stickers be next? With her grown daughter out of the house and her marriage to former president Bill Clinton in a stable place, Carlson says she may be in the perfect position to take another go at the presidency.

"I think that's going to allow her to run for president again and to not make the same mistakes she made last time. In 2016 I would put my money on her," said Carlson. "...has a pair of shades done more for anybody than they've done for Hillary?"


Margaret Carlson, columnist at Bloomberg, and former White House Correspondent for TIME.

Hillary Clinton tears up on the campaign trail in New Hampshire in 2007:

... on baking cookies from a "60 Minutes" interview in 1992:

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