The Madeleine Brand Show for April 17, 2012

Tax Preparers Help Last-Minute Filers As Tax Deadline Looms

Too high? Too low? What's the right amount of taxes?

Happy tax day! Tim Noah of the New Republic, and Richard Rahn from the Cato Institute join the show to discuss whether or not taxes should be raised or lowered.

Hillary Clinton gone wild ... and gone viral

Could Hillary Clinton's recent surge in popularity be a foreshadowing of a presidential run?
A woman looks at a functional magnetic r

How a single gene is linked to IQ

A new study has found that with a bigger brain, comes a higher IQ. It may seem like an obvious conclusion, but more than two hundred scientists around the world collaborated to scientifically prove the link. UCLA's Paul Thompson, a senior author on the study, joins the show to discuss the findings.
Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books

Previewing the LA Times Festival of Books

The LA Times Festival of Books comes to USC this weekend. Madeleine talks with book critic and Libros Schmibros founder David Kipen about what to expect from the 'Coachella of books.'
Puzzle question mark

A puzzle from Steve Proffitt

How about a puzzle? Steve Proffitt joins the show with a Short List. See if you can figure out what connects this list of names and companies.
East Coast International Blues & Roots Festival

New music Tuesday: New albums from Amadou & Mariam and Yann Tiersen

Music critic Drew Tewksbury reviews music by French musician Yann Tiersen and Mali's Amadour & Miriam.
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