The Madeleine Brand Show for April 19, 2012

India Puts Military Hardware On Show In Republic Day Parade

India tests new long-range missiles

India successfully launched a missile that can travel more than 3000 miles with a nuclear weapon, and is capable of reaching Beijing and Shanghai. Shashank Joshi discusses whether a new cold war could be brewing in the region.
Rebekah Brooks Resigns As Chief Executive Of News International

Could the News Corp scandal come to the US?

It started in Great Britain, where Rupert Murdoch's News of the World tabloid was brought down by accusations of phone hacking and police bribery. But the British lawyer behind several cases against News Corp. is now coming to the U.S.

Lap Band surgeries grow in popularity and danger

Lap Band clinics continue to operate in California under relaxed systems that have allegedly caused deaths. Betty Brown recalls her deceased sister's experience with the surgery.
Newt Gingrich Campaigns In Delaware

What happens if a failed political candidate owes money?

If running for office wasn't hard enough, imagine trying to raise money to pay the bills after you've lost. Bloomberg Businessweek's Julie Bykowicz talks with Madeleine about what happens in the world of unpaid campaign debt.
Sen. Schumer Speaks To The Media On Super PACs

Zombie PACs could impact upcoming elections

What happens to "super PACs" after their candidate has dropped out of the race? They become zombie PACs. They won't eat your brains, but they still could impact elections in the coming months. Madeleine talks with Pro Publica's Kim Barker about what they can do.
Kosuke Kitajima (R) of Japan leads other

John Moe joins the show for his weekly look at technology news

John Moe, host of the Marketplace Tech Report, joins Madeleine for a weekly update on the world of technology.
Vancouver Canucks v Los Angeles Kings - Game Three

Randy and Jason Sklar cover the week's highlights in sports

The Sklar Brothers, Randy and Jason, join Madeleine to discuss the Kings' and Dodgers' recent hot streaks, and the oldest pitcher to ever win a baseball game.
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