The Madeleine Brand Show for April 24, 2012

Border Agents Struggle To Keep Immigrants From Illegally Crossing AZ Border

Supreme Court prepares for SB 1070 hearings

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments over Arizona's controversial immigration law, SB 1070. The debate is expected to center over whether immigration is a federal matter or if the states can craft their own laws.

The mixed effects of Arizona's "self-deportation" laws

Madeleine talks with Devin Browne, a reporter with the Fronteras project based in Phoenix, about the mixed effect of Arizona's SB 1070.
Absentee voting card

Absentee voting difficult for many Mexican citizens abroad

This summer, Mexicans are heading to the polls to elect a new president, but many potential absentee voters living here won’t be voting in the election. KPCC’s Lauren Osen reports on the difficulties facing Mexican voters abroad.
Tourists pose for photographs in front o

US looks to claim world tourism title

Can the Golden Gate compete with the Eiffel Tower? A new campaign by the US government is making a push to unseat France as the top tourist destination in the world.
A statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwa

200 years later, tributes to the beloved Grimms' Fairy Tales

The Grimm Brothers published their famed book of fairy tales 200 years ago, which included classics like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The Los Angeles Public Library is celebrating the book with a new exhibit at the Central Library downtown.
The California Report

Legislature Considers Limiting Juvenile 'Solitary'

A Senate committee is poised to vote on a bill that seeks to limit the amount of time juvenile offenders spend in isolation in state and county facilities. The California Report's Michael Montgomery reports.
US multi-instrumentalist Jack White perf

Ann Powers reviews two Nashville darlings, Jack White and Marty Stuart

NPR's music critic Ann Powers joins the show to review new albums from two artists from a country music neophyte and a country music legend, Jack White and Marty Stuart.
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