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Rupert Murdoch testifies before judicial panel over phone hacking scandal

Rupert Murdoch at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting.
Rupert Murdoch at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting.
World Economic Forum/Flickr

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Rupert Murdoch and his son James are answering questions before a judicial panel in the UK this week as an inquiry into corrupt media practices at Murdoch’s News Corp. empire continues.

On Tuesday, James Murdoch denied accusations that he had knowledge of phone hacking or that he used his family’s close links with politicians to pressure government ministers into approving News Corp.’s acquisition of satellite news channel BSkyB.

On Wednesday, Rupert Murdoch testified before the judicial panel, fielding questions regarding his links to high level British politicians, including several prime ministers. New York Times London bureau chief John Fisher Burns joins the show with an update.


John Fisher Burns is the London bureau chief for The New York Times.