The Madeleine Brand Show for April 25, 2012

Newt Gingrich expected to drop out of Republican primary

Newt Gingrich

Mae Ryan

Newt speaking at Pasadena's TeaPAC's Townhall Series in the Castle Green Hotel on February 13th, 2012.

Newt Gingrich is expected to drop out of the GOP primary next Tuesday. Sources have told the Associated Press, Washington Post and NPR that Gingrich will suspend his campaign.

In last night's competitions, he again did poorly in several primaries. In fact, he's only won two states over the whole primary — South Carolina and his home state of Georgia. In 16 other races, he came in 4th place. At the end of March, Gingrich spent $21,417,400 on his campaign — roughly $9.37 for every vote he received.

Now, Gingrich will have to look towards his future in politics. Will an endorsement of Romney be his next step?


Molly Ball covers politics for The Atlantic.

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