The Madeleine Brand Show for April 26, 2012

Comedian Teresa Strasser understands your parenting woes

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Teresa Strasser is the author of "Exploiting my Baby: Because it's Exploiting Me."

Comedian and author Teresa Strasser is back on the show talking with Madeleine about parenting woes.

Strasser takes aim at the words she finds coming out of her mouth that she knows her pre-parent self would find incomprehensible, like "We don't eat our cookies until we eat our broccoli."

Stasser calls this the "P-P-P" problem, also known as a parent's tendency to use the plural personal pronoun, "We," excessively. Another phrase she swears all parents with motor vehicles will at some point tell their kids, "I'm going to turn this car around because we don't kick the seats."


Teresa Strasser is the author of the book, "Exploiting my Baby."

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