The Madeleine Brand Show for April 26, 2012

Closing Session Of The National People's Congress (NPC)

Prominent Chinese politician caught in scandal

Wiretapping China's leader Hu Jintao, the murder of a British businessman and the spectacluar fall of one of China's most prominent political families — all just a part of Chinese politician Bo Xilai's fall from grace.
Chinese students look at a newspaper out
Foreign Policy's Christina Larson joins the show to discuss the role of single women in their 20s and 30s in China.
Holiday fares
Former head of the TSA Kip Hawley joins the show to discuss airport security.
Mercer 16101
CNET's Dan Ackerman joins the show to talk about tech news and the latest in the video game world in our weekly technology update.

California's first case of mad cow disease

As news of California's first confirmed case of mad cow disease in Kings County, south of Fresno ripples across the globe, federal officials insist the beef supply is safe. But consumer advocates have their doubts, as the California Report's Central Valley Bureau Chief Sasha Khokha explains.
Mercer 13424
Comedian and author Teresa Strasser joins the show to talk with Madeleine Brand about how as a parent she often finds herself saying annoying things to her kids.

The Sklar brothers' weekly round-up on sports

The Sklar Brothers, Randy and Jason, join Madeleine to discuss the NFL Draft and the LA Kings run in the NHL playoffs.
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