The Madeleine Brand Show for April 30, 2012

Chinese dissident said to be in US Custody

Chinese paramilitary guards march from t


Chinese paramilitary guards march from the US embassy in Beijing on April 30, 2012. Chinese rights activist Chen Guangcheng is in the US embassy in Beijing but is not seeking asylum, fellow dissident Hu Jia said raising the spectre of a drawn-out China-US diplomatic standoff.

The United States and China head into talks this week in Beijing. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flies to Beijing Monday night to meet with Chinese officials, but the two countries are facing a bit of a diplomatic dilemma.

A blind Chinese dissident named Chen Guangcheng escaped house arrest last week and is said to be in U.S. custody. Guangcheng is accused of protesting abortions forced by local leaders. He's a self-taught lawyer who has captured the West's imagination with his protest.

David Lampton joins the show to discuss what this means for US-China relations and the story of how Guangcheng escaped and what we can expect next from him.


David Lampton is director of the China Studies Program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

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