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The latest foodie trend: gourmet doughnuts

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Clock-wise: cruller from Plan Check, maple bacon donut and rosemary olive oil donut from Fonuts, foie gras and jelly donut from Umamicatessen and an earl grey and blueberry donut from Fonuts. Mae Ryan/KPCC

Despite the widespread misconception that Angelenos are obsessed with healthy food, Los Angeles is really a doughnut town.

Doughnut shops proliferate across the city, largely due to the fact that they provide an effective small business model for new immigrants: they require only cheap ingredients to make, and are driven by seemingly endless demand.

Well, now the doughnut is having its cupcake moment ... and getting all fancy.

Food critic Eddie Lin of joins the show to discuss the burgeoning trend of gussying up the doughnut.

In the segment, Madeleine and Eddy talk about a foie gras doughnut from Umamicatessen and a cruller churro doughnut from Plan Check. They also talk about glazed doughnut holes from Waterloo & City.

Other doughnuts seen in the photo above include baked doughnuts from Fonuts.


Eddie Lin is a food critic for

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