The Madeleine Brand Show for May 7, 2012

Celebration For The Election of France's New President

Hollande victory signals change for Europe

Steven Erlanger, Paris bureau chief for the New York Times, discusses Francois Hollande's path to the presidency and how it may change Europe.
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy (C) s

The French elections and the world economy

Felix Salmon of Reuters discusses how the recent election of Socialist president Francois Hollande will affect the European debt crisis and the world economy.
The Avengers movie poster

'The Avengers' smashes box-office record

The action packed blockbuster, The Avengers, set a box office record of $220 million on its opening weekend in the U.S.
Senator Dick Lugar

Republican Senator facing close race in Indiana

Margaret Ferguson, professor of politics at Indiana University-Purdue University, joins the show to discuss the close race for Dick Lugar's Senate seat.

Author Etgar Keret discusses his new book

Author Etgar Keret discusses his new book, "Suddenly a Knock on the Door."

In LA, doughnuts go gourmet

Food critic Eddie Lin discusses the new trend of transforming an L.A. favorite, doughnuts, into gourmet creations.
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