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Complications continue after Thomas Kinkade's death

by The Madeleine Brand Show

Artwork by Thomas Kinkade. (Image courtesy Lara Henshingly/flickr/Creative Commons) Lara Henshingly/flickr/Creative Commons

Newly released autopsy results show artist Thomas Kinkade died due to an accidental overdose of alcohol and valium. Kinkade died April 6 at his Bay area home at age 54.

Kinkade, one of the most popular artists in America, painted more than 1,000 pieces in his career. At one point, Kinkade was making tens of millions of dollars a year for his glowing scenes of thatched roof cottages, lighthouses and peaceful nature scenes.

His final years, however, were fraught with conflict. Kinkade battled alcoholism, had extensive financial problems, and became estranged from his wife. The messy details of his business and personal life are now coming out.

Madeleine Brand talks with Julia Prodis Sulek, who wrote about the issues surrounding Kinkade's death, for the San Jose Mercury News.


Julia Prodis Sulek, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News.

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