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Will President Obama's stance on gay marriage affect fundraising?

Gay Pride Parade

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Pro-Obama participants at the Gay Pride Parade on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.

Will President Obama's pro-gay marriage stance affect his re-election campaign? In terms of fundraising, it could be a huge boon.

According to the Washington Post, one in six of the President's bundlers is gay. Bundlers are people who collect large campaign contributions from donors. The President will also visit Los Angeles tonight at George Clooney's house for a star-studded gala, expected to raise up to $15 million for his campaign. Next month, he'll return to Los Angeles for an even bigger LGBT fundraiser, featuring singer Pink.

One political scientist, Larry Sabato Jr., has said money from the gay community is replacing Wall Street money in Obama's 2012 campaign.


Viveca Novak, editor of Open Secrets Blog, which monitors campaign funding.

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