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Tech Update with CNET's Rafe Needleman

HP 14-inch Envy Spectre.
HP 14-inch Envy Spectre.
testspiel/Flickr/Creative Commons

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CNET's Editor-at-large Rafe Needleman talks with Madeleine about the latest news in the technology world.

Facebook plans to launch their own app store, called App Center, ahead of their widely anticipated IPO. Facebook recently said their mobile products basically don't make them any money, but an app store tapping into games like Draw Something could turn that around.

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has been in headlines recently for lying about receiving a degree in computer science — Thompson actually received a degree in accounting. Thompson was originally pegged to get Yahoo out of trouble and it seems like he may have made the problem worse.

Hewlett-Packard is coming out with their version of a super-slim laptop. HP's Envy Spectre sleekbook looks exactly like Apple's Macbook Air, but with a much lower price tag.