The Madeleine Brand Show for May 14, 2012

California Budget

Gov. Brown unveils new budget plan

John Myers of KXTV in Sacramento discusses Gov. Brown's forthcoming budget proposal, which is expected to announce even deeper cuts to state spending.
Three members of the Mexican Army watch

Mexican drug cartel violence re-ignites

Ioan Grillo of Reuters joins the show to discuss the recent discovery of 50 decapitated bodies strewn along a highway in Northern Mexico.
Pop start Ricky Martin

Representing Latino homosexuality

Monica Trasandes of GLAAD joins the show to discuss representations of homosexuality in Latino pop culture.
Clark County Interpreter Carol  Partiguian

As need for court interpreters grows, who pays?

More than 25 million people who live in this country have limited English. If they wind up in civil court, they would likely need an interpreter. But who pays?

Parenting on the Edge: Going off to college

Comedy writer Lew Schneider talks about his son Leo, who is about to depart on the great adventure that is college.
Yahoo scott thompson

A record number of Monday resignations?

Today may go down in history as "Resignation Monday," as headlines have documented an exceptional amount of resignations.
"God's Hotel" by Victoria Sweet

Staying in God's Hotel

Victoria Sweet, author of "God's Hotel" joins the show to discuss "slow medicine," which she practiced at Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco.
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