The Madeleine Brand Show for May 16, 2012

Trinity Broadcast Network under fire for excessive spending

Judy Baxter/flickr Creative Commons

A screenshot from the Trinity Broadcast Network.

The Trinity Broadcast Network, TBN, bills itself as the world's largest religious network. Founded in Southern California 40 years ago by Paul and Jan Crouch, TBN now handles five TV channels, a network of web sites, podcasts, mobile applications and even a religious theme park in Florida.

The network reported $93 million in tax-exempt donations in 2010, and has almost $1 billion in total assets. But now, the TBN empire is threatened from within by a granddaughter once in charge of the network's finances. Paul and Jan Crouch's granddaughter, Brittany Koper, is saying they've abused the trust of people who donated to their cause, and maybe violated tax laws as well.


Teri Sforza, writes the OC Watchdog Blog for the Orange Country Register

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