The Madeleine Brand Show for May 17, 2012

Tech Update: Big video game releases and Google gives you even more info

MacBook Pro, iPhone & iPad

Bas Boerman/flickr Creative Commons

A new study reports the average 20-year-old jumps from media platform to media platform 27 times in an hour.

CNET's Dan Ackerman joins the show to talk about tech news and more in our weekly technology update.

Yesterday, search giant Google came out with a new feature called Knowledge Graph. It adds facts about what your searching for to the right of your search results, like a famous person's birthday or a map of New York.

There were also two huge video game releases this week, Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3. There's been a lot of buzz about them inside and outside of videogame circles, as people have been waiting 10 years for Diablo and almost 9 years for Max Payne.

There are rumors that Apple is completely revamping their MacBook line of laptops next month. Apple could be adding their high-resolution Retina Display found on the iPhone and iPad to their laptops. There's also rumors that they'll add a 15-inch MacBook Air. Right now, the biggest version is 13-inches. that could be another move by Apple to remain competitive in the 'ultrabook' market.

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