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Tech Update: Big video game releases and Google gives you even more info

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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A new study reports the average 20-year-old jumps from media platform to media platform 27 times in an hour. Bas Boerman/flickr Creative Commons

CNET's Dan Ackerman joins the show to talk about tech news and more in our weekly technology update.

Yesterday, search giant Google came out with a new feature called Knowledge Graph. It adds facts about what your searching for to the right of your search results, like a famous person's birthday or a map of New York.

There were also two huge video game releases this week, Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3. There's been a lot of buzz about them inside and outside of videogame circles, as people have been waiting 10 years for Diablo and almost 9 years for Max Payne.

There are rumors that Apple is completely revamping their MacBook line of laptops next month. Apple could be adding their high-resolution Retina Display found on the iPhone and iPad to their laptops. There's also rumors that they'll add a 15-inch MacBook Air. Right now, the biggest version is 13-inches. that could be another move by Apple to remain competitive in the 'ultrabook' market.

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