The Madeleine Brand Show for May 18, 2012

Facebook IPO hits the market

Facebook Sets IPO Price At 38 Dollars A Share

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Nasdaq television reporter is seen inside the Nasdaq studios as the Facebook logo is displayed on a ticker board on May 17, 2012 in New York City. Facebook will list their IPO on Nasdaq on Friday morning with an opening price of $38 per share.

The most valuable American company to ever go public is creating a frenzy on Wall Street. According to CNBC, 82 million shares were traded in the first 30 seconds after a hoodie-wearing Mark Zuckerberg rang the opening bell on Wall Street. Trading started a half hour late. And is now at around $40 a share.

New York bureau chief for Marketplace Heidi Moore joins the show with more.


Heidi Moore is New York bureau chief for Marketplace.

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