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Boston University grad fighting $675,000 penalty for illegally downloading music

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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This combination picture shows four screengrabs of popular file sharing services WinMX, iMesh, Blubster and KaZaa. Getty Images/Getty Images

Is 99 cents a song on iTunes too expensive? How about $22,500? A jury in a lower court has ordered Joel Tenenbaum, a doctorate graduate in statistical physics at Boston University, to pay $675,000 for illegally downloading 30 songs on the file-sharing network KaZaa in 2007. The Supreme Court declined to hear the music piracy case on Monday, allowing the First District Court decision to stand for now.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed 12,000 lawsuits against people who are suspected of having illegally downloaded music. But Tenenbaum's case is one of only two cases to go to trial.


Joel Tenenbaum is a former Boston University student who was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for illegally downloading music.

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